Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Estela Rivas Nieto

Teacher of Financial and Tax Law at the URV (since 1997) and Assistant Director of the UNESCO Housing Chair URV. She has written over 25 book chapters and has more than 27 scientific articles published in Spain, France, Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela. She has participated in the organization of more than 40 national / international conferences / workshops / workshops. He has taught more than 45 conferences in Spain, France and in several Latin American countries. She has participated in more than 18 research projects: R & D "Trust in the international context of Ibero-America and Spain", "Tenancy Law and Housing Policy in Multi-level Europe", "International Tax Law", " Reforming the housing estates: tax proposal for a comprehensive management of housing owned and rented ". And at the moment it is the second IP of the R & D "Financial, tributary and commercial aspects of the collaborative housing". She has been the Secretary, Deputy Minister and Head of the Internal System for the Quality Assurance of the Faculty of Law of the URV. Her fields of research are international taxation, the Conventions to avoid double taxation, trust, fiduciary, constitutional taxation, real estate taxation and the collaborative economy.

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