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The Research Group in Patrimonial Law, active since the nineties but officially registered in 2001, is made up of researchers from the Department of Private, Procedural and Financial Law, and comprises the areas of Civil Law, Commercial Law, Roman Law, Private International Law, and Financial and Tax Law.
The common denominator of the research group is the study of the legal structure of the key institutions in the development of economic activity, both as regards the substantive issues, such as the tax, procedural and international. In particular, it study in an interdisciplinary way the problems posed by the contracts, civil and commercial, the guarantees in the fulfillment of the obligations, societies, hereditary succession and economic aspects of marital and family relationships. It takes as its starting point the current law, regulation, focusing on the Catalan and Spanish regulation, but without neglecting the historical element and the comparative law.

The results of the research group are spread through publication in books or journals, presentation at seminars and conferences, and studies, opinions and reports for public and private institutions. Also, the members of the group constitute the bulk of the teaching team of the Master's Degree in Business Law (MUDEC), taught at the Faculty of Legal Sciences of the University Rovira i Virgili.

Principal researcher

Dr. Esteve Bosch Capdevila

Faculty of Legal Sciences
Av. Catalunya 35
43002 Tarragona

Telephone: (0034) 977 55 83 12
Fax: (0034) 977 55 88 46 

Research lines

Group members

  1. Adàn Domènech, Frederic
  2. Barrada Orellana, Reyes
  3. Bosch Capdevila, Esteve
  4. Casanova Martí, Roser
  5. Cerrato Guri, Elisabet
  6. Del Pozo Carrascosa, Pedro
  7. Font i Mas, Maria
  8. Franquet Sugrañes, M. Teresa
  9. Giménez Costa, Ana
  10. Girgado Perandones, Pablo
  11. Gómez Buendía, M. Carmen
  12. Isern Salvat, M. Rosa
  13. Marín Consarnau, Diana
  14. Nasarre Aznar, Sergio
  15. Pagès Galtés, Joan
  16. Picó Junoy, Joan
  17. Ricart Martí, Encarnació
  18. Rivas Nieto, Estela
  19. Rodas Paredes, Paola
  20. Simón Moreno, Héctor
  21. Urquizu Cavallé, Àngel
  22. Villca Pozo, Milenka
  23. Villó Travé, Cristina


Publications of the Research Group in Patrimonial Law from 2003 to2006

Publications of the Research Group in Patrimonial Law from 2007 to 2010