Universitat Rovira i Virgili


The Master's main goal is to train professionals and researchers in the area of ​​Business Law and Contract Law that will be responsible and competent either in legal practice or academic research. Accordingly, the Master's program allows appropriate training in the concepts, knowledge, skills and values ​​needed by the student to further study and analyse corporate legal issues, business mediation and arbitration, general legal practice, legal consulting and company auditing.

The main objective of the Master in Law is to improve lawyers' professional training as significant contributors to the administration of justice, in order to guarantee citizens counseling, legal defense and a quality technique representation as essential elements for the exercise of the fundamental right of the effective judicial protection.

The Master's Degree in Customs Law aims to provide a high level of knowledge in customs law to adequately face professional activity in this environment.

Others master's degree and postgraduate taught by the Department of Private, Procedural and Financial Law:

Diploma in Mediation (URV Foundation)

General studies in Mediation and Conflict Management (URV Foundation)

Course in Mediation in Private Law (URV Foundation)

Master in Environmental Law (subject: Environmental taxation)

Master in Classical Archeology (subject: Legal Framework of the archaeological heritage)

Master in Classical Archeology (subject: Archaeological heritage management)

Master in Urban Anthropology, Migrations and Social Intervention (subject: Person and family: private legal system)