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According to the third mission of the URV (transfer and application of knowledge to society), the Department of Private, Procedural and Financial Law, carries out several activities and actions that contribute to strengthen the institution as a public structure of knowledge on the southern Catalonia:

In 2012-13, as part of the University Master in Business and Contract Law (MUDEC), the Law Clinical Programme was reintroduced with the colaboration of the Mercantile Court of Tarragona, the Bar Association of Tarragona and the URV Foundation CTTI. This clinic was validated as a service-learning experience (APS-URV) on 30 May 2013, so the MUDEC actively participates in the third mission of the URV.

The Department is actively involved in the project Extended Campus - Knowledge Antennas, consisting of a network of knowledge antennas created by the URV in order to fulfill the commitment of capturing territory needs, and to provide answers to contribute to the progress of the southern regions of Catalonia.
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The universities, as its is established on the 20th article of Catalan Universities Law, may sign agreements with companies and other organizations to carry out work directed to transfer knowledge and technology, and provision of services. The URV, faithful to its commitment to the region, wants to contribute to the welfare of the society. In this sense, the URV in general and the Department of Private, Procedural and Financial Law, want to ensure the highest quality in all activities related with the transfer of knowledge and technology, and provision services to businesses, governments and organizations with which has established cooperation agreements, as well with individuals, especially in those areas where society is more sensitive, such as housing, economic development, legal protection, etc. It's also important to inform the society about the results of the research carried out, especially in sensitive issues from the social point of view.

Teachers and researchers of the Department are specialized in different branches or areas of knowledge:

Researchers conduct studies and opinions commissioned by public bodies and judicial opinions or reports at the request of private entities. Likewise, they also can write reports or interdisciplinary studies and reports on foreign law. The management is channeled generally through the URV Foundation.

Those wishing to request an opinion or report can contact directly to the teachers specialized on the subject or to the Department, that will seek the appropriate specialist.

The classes for the elderly are a social project promoted by the main Catalan universities that aims to output the cultural concerns of the elderly. The URV, from its civic engagement policy, is aware of the importance of their relationship with the social environment and therefore it is fully involved with it. It also aims to provide an alternative to leisure time of the main protagonists of this initiative, the elderly, leading them to stay abreast of new knowledge in many different fields, and especially for those in which they show interest.
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