Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Maria Font i Mas

Senior lecturer and responsible for the Area of ​​Private International Law of the Rovira i Virgili University. Doctor in European Law from the University of Barcelona (2009).

Among its lines of research, it stands out the study of the legal entity in the international, European and interregional sectors, also in their aspect as companies of the social economy and, recently, as a platform for the collaborative economy in the EU. In international procedural law she investigates the free movement of public documents within the European Union from all perspectives: execution, registration, trial value and authentication. Another line of research is the study of the integral multilingualism of the European Union and how it affects the European Regulations of Private International Law: translation problems, vertical and horizontal coherence, as well as incorrect application by national courts. Researcher in international research projects of the URV and the UB, and member of the Housing Research Group, as well as of the Housing Chair of the URV.

Recent publications: "The international contract for the leasing of real estate in the European Union" (2018), "European Statutes on Social Enterprises: One step more?" (2017), "The free circulation of public deeds in civil matters: one step avanti n it European judicial space "(2017)," European legal language and the rules of private international law: practical legal-linguistic problems "(2017) and has also directed the work El documento public extranjero in Spain and the European Union ( 2014).

She has participated in the drafting of European reports: "Human Rights in European Union. A practical handbook for civil society organizations and Human Rights Defenders "(2016), 'The Evidentiary Effects of Authentic Acts in Spain: National Report" (2016).
She teaches at the Law Degree-URV, in the University Master in Business and Contract Law (MUDEC-URV) on international business litigation, and in other postgraduate courses (mediation, APIS). She runs the Legal Clinic-APS of the MUDEC, which contributes to the service-learning of the URV. She holds the position of secretary of the Department of Private, Procedural and Financial Law.

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