Universitat Rovira i Virgili


The Research Group of Catalan Civil Law and European Private Law has a wide experience, as it gained its first recognition as Consolidated Research Group in 2005 , at the Support to Research Groups Programme, of the Research Innovation Plan of the Government of Catalonia. At the 2009 call, the group maintained its recognition and also was financed. In current call, Research Groups Support (2014-2016), the Research Group in Catalan Civil Law and European Private Law (2014SGR223) maintains its status as consolidated group.

The group is led by Dr. Pedro del Pozo and involves the following members of the department: Esteve Bosch, Sergio Nasarre, Reyes Barrada, Ana Giménez, Héctor Simón, Cristina Elisabet Cerrato and Cristina Villó. Are also members Antoni Vaquer, Jaime Vilalta, Paloma Barrón, José Maria Puyalto, Cristina Argelich, Isis Estrada and Lucia Salido, all tof them from the Universitat de Lleida.

Also at the 2009 call, the International Taxation Law Research Group (2009SGR912) received its recognition as emerging research group. At the 2014 call, the group acquires the status of consolidated research group (2014SGR54). The group is led by Dr. Angel Urquizu and takes part in it the following members of the department: Joan Pagès, Estela Rivas, Milenka Villca, Xavier Milà and Pablo Fco. Navarro. Also the following members of the URV are involved: Rosa Rodriguez, Jaume Gené, Lluís Carreras, Francesc Xavier Borras, Javier Cámara, Francesc Xavier Arnavat and Oliver Klein.

Besides, also at the 2014 call, three new research groups lead by department members are recognized:

Research Group in Probative Law (2014SGR438), lead by Dr. Joan Picó i Junoy, is recognized as consolidated research group. The following Department members are involved in the project: Elisabet Cerrato, Frederic Adán i Roser Casanova. Xavier Abel LLuch, from the Universitat Ramon Llull, and Carlos de Miranda, from the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, take part in the project too.

Research Group in Roman Fundamentals of Private Law (2014SGR1503), lead by Dra. Encarnació Ricart Martí, is recognized as consolidated research group. Carmen Gómez, Department member, is also involved in the project. José Luís Linares, from the Universitat de Girona, Carmen Tort Martorell, from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Anna Caballé, from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, are members too.

Research Group in Insurance Law  (2014SGR1518), lead by Dr. Pablo Girgado, is recognized as emergent research group. Take part in the project the following members of the Department: M.Teresa Franquet, Paola Rodas and Maria Rosa Isern.